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Intelligence Report

Intelligence Report

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The Intelligence Report is an essential part of the library of knowledge tools used savvy investors. The Intelligence Report includes comprehensive commentary on:

Undervalued picks: Analysis on coins/tokens with the promise of superior long-term growth potential.

Overvalued picks: Analysis on coin/tokens that are overvalued due to issues with technology, inability to scale, transient marketing ploys, and other weaknesses.

Cryptomarket Snapshot: Commentary on the state of the cryptocurrency market,  regulatory developments, emerging trends, and more. 

    Our highly-regarded Intelligence Report is the culmination of hours of research conducted by our team of analysts every month meant to capture an accurate and insightful snapshot of the cryptocurrency market and to serve as a compass for future investment decisions. 

    Our our analysis offers a mix of quantitative and qualitative assessments. Though our views are most often on a long-term time horizon, we also highlight short-term trading opportunities.

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