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We provide leading research, analysis and insights into the cryptocurrency markets.

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What we do

We formulate thesis-based research, analysis and insights in the cryptocurrency markets for long-term investment outcomes. We communicate our findings by way of cogent research reports.

Our reports analyze (1) overvalued coins, (2) undervalued coins, (3) macro trends, and (4) regulatory developments. 

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February 2018
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A little about us

We are an anonymous team comprised of private equity associates, equity researchers and lawyers from top-tier firms with experience in researching and investing in cryptocurrencies.

We deliberately maintain our anonymity to avoid undue influence and champion objectivity in all our research projects.

Our reports consider...

Network Effects

Identifying social network effects and channels for user growth and sustainable adoption.


Evaluating the merits of the technology along with its ability to scale, evolve and adapt.

Macro Trends

Following and documenting trends and shifts in the blockchain industry. Developing predictive models for macro catalysts.


Understanding how the regulatory landscape will affect the growth and adoption of digital currencies.

Valuation Models

Appraising fundamentals of digital currencies by way of principled, demand-side, economics.

Team Composition

Evaluating the core team by considering member track records, expertise, and ability to address technical issues and grow the coin.

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How do I get a report?

We offer Monthly Intelligence Reports that you may purchase through our website. 

We also offer comprehensive research coverage on-demand. For more information, contact us  directly at

How is the content of the report created?

We draft our reports in two stages.

First, we deep-dive in the technology and understand the arch of the technical developments. Then, we delve into the business surrounding the tech, including team composition, network effects, current and future competitors, and industry tail- or headwinds. We study trading trends, the carrying exchanges and the depth of the market. We leverage our contacts in the cryptocurrency space to garner further insights into the mechanics of the digital currency.

Second, once we have gathered all relevant data points, we draft a report synthesizing our findings and formulating our opinion on the future trajectory of the digital currency. 

Does BBR issue reports on Initial Coin Offerings?

Yes. We cover existing coins as well as Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). In our ICO analysis, we primarily focus on team composition, technological fundamentals, future liquidity analysis, market participants and adoption channels.  

Do clients that pay for your reports have a say on the content of the research reports?

No. The content of every research report is determined independently by Black Block Research analysts. The name and occupation of all analysts and editorial committee is kept confidential for the purpose of avoiding any undue influence. 

Do you offer recurring coverage of coins?

Yes. We issue quarterly coverage on select coins. We publish our quarterly reports on our website as well as on social media outlets. 

The process of drafting quarterly reports requires back-and-forth with core teams. We  prepare questionnaires, interview core team, publish answers to questionnaire, and draft a report based on all collected information. 

How can my coin get quarterly coverage?

If you are interested in quarterly report coverage by BBR, please contact us at